Canberra coach Garriock on the hunt for goals, and lots of them


United scored just 13 goals in 12 games, down from the 24 they netted the season before. But defence improved dramatically with their goals conceded dropping from 27 to 17.

Losing attack weapons Paige Nielsen and Denise O’Sullivan halfway through the season didn’t help the cause, and Garriock said her number one priority in the offseason is finding a finisher.

«The biggest thing we need to fix is scoring goals, we only scored 13 goals this year, and that’s just not good enough,» Garriock said.

«We’re good defensively, and in the midfield, we just need to find a striker or a striking pair that can work well together and score the lump sum of our goals.

«So that’s my biggest priority, finding a striker and retaining the bulk of the squad and I’ll look to bring a few experienced players in so we can take the pressure off Rachel [Corsie].

«Winning on the road is an issue, I think we fixed a few things that didn’t go well at the start, but it’s really important we fix that so I need to look into that.»

Ellie Carpenter is the only Canberra player in the Australian team, and Garriock said she’s already started recruiting more Matildas for next season.

«I always try to go after as many of the best players in Australia we can but it’s a matter of trying to get them here,» Garriock said.

«I’ve got a couple of players in mind, but we’ll wait until after finals to talk about that.

«Ellie is absolutely a priority, she’s a fan favourite, not only that but she’s a massive part of Canberra United and what we want to achieve over the coming years.»

Canberra missed finals for the second straight season and third time in their 11-year history, but Garriock believes they’re heading in the right direction.

«It’s bittersweet, bitter in we haven’t made finals which were our goal and sweet being there are many other wins from having five players going to the World Cup two young player of the year nominations, the culture is phenomenal, and the foundation is set for next year,» Garriock said.

«My highlight is the style of football we played, it evolved throughout the season, and as you can see in the last game, some of the football we played was excellent.

«We played very differently to any other team in the W-League, so I was just very proud to be able to coach the team that and them to implement it.

«The culture and the fans, with record numbers at McKellar Park, and our home record were all positives. Not being able to close out games and as a result missing finals were the negatives.»

The Capital Football board will decide Garriock’s future this month, and the second-year coach said she doesn’t want to go anywhere.

«It’s up to the board whether they want me back next season, I’d love to be back, we have unfinished business that we need to take care of,» Garriock said.

«It’s a process, last year was a tough season, this year I’m delighted with a lot of things, and for me, it’s been a really strong foundation to go into next season and be successful.»

Eamonn Tiernan is a sports reporter with The Canberra Times




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