How much did the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Myakush receive from 100 million euros of deputy Yanov?

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Deputy of the Chelyabinsk Legislative Assembly Nikolay Yanov, who, as it turned out, has a business abroad and 65 million euros (and his daughter has another 28 million euros and a cottage in Prague), decided not to wait for the forced withdrawal of the mandate. Yanov goes «to the bottom», obviously — with the aim to emerge in the Municipal Council of Chelyabinsk. How much did such castling cost Mr. Yanov? How did he thank the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Myakush and regional prosecutor Vitaliy Lopin?

Recall that the “Russian Press” devoted a detailed investigation to the anti-corruption violations of Deputy Nikolay Yanov and posted a package of documents confirming that the “servant of the people” had a business abroad and a very solid account in a foreign bank. The prosecutor’s office of the Chelyabinsk region, responding to an editorial request, confirmed the information we collected and sent this information to the name of the Legislative Assembly Chairman Vladimir Myakush to take appropriate measures. It would seem that after that the colleagues of the deputy Yanov should have made a decision on the early termination of his parliamentary powers. And it was not!

The recommendations of these colleagues of Yanov were ignored — as they say, the crow does not peck out the crow. And to our editorial inquiry regarding the fate of Nikolay Yanov from the Legislative Assembly, we received a reply that resembles nonsense. For some reason it talked about the times when Nikolay Yanov was a candidate for deputy of the Legislative Assembly. Considering that Yanov is a deputy of both the V and the VI convocations of the Assembly, and our investigation concerns precisely the period of his deputy (2015-2017), the meaning of the answer, to put it mildly, is unclear:

“The fact of participation of Yanov in the activities of a foreign economic entity during the period when he was registered as a candidate for deputy of the Legislative Assembly has not been established”.

There is a suspicion of deliberately blurring the situation.

This letter was signed by Vice-Speaker Semen Mitelman, who heads the Commission for the Control of Reliability of Information about Incomes, Property and Property Liabilities, provided by deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk Region. It is obvious that, despite the signature of Mitelman, the direct decision on Yanov was made by the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly, Vladimir Myakush. In fact, it is the head of the LA that solves issues of this kind.

By the way, we repeatedly called the press secretary of Vladimir Myakush to clarify the situation regarding Nikolay Yanov. But Myakush evaded communication with the “Russian Press”, as did his press secretary.

However, Myakush does not react at all to anti-corruption violations not only of Yanov, but of all his United Russia wards.

It seems that the regional prosecutor’s office received a similar answer — at least, we found out that they were aware of the position of the LA. What does the regional attorney Vitaliy Lopin do after the reprimand collection? Maybe he goes to court to force deputies to expel Yanov from the court decision? It was nothing like this. A contact man of Lopin told us that the prosecutor’s office was about to re-check!

The question arises — what, prosecutors are not sure about the quality of the first check they carried out? There is a second:

How many of these checks did Prosecutor Lopin intend to conduct in response to the Legislative Assembly’s replies? Will it be until 2020, until Yanov’s powers run out?

But, apparently, the discussion of the problem on the sidelines led Nikolay Yanov and his “support team” to understanding the obvious thing: “Russian Press” will not back down and will continue to send editorial requests on this issue, moreover to federal authorities. So, it will not be easy to delay the decision on Yanov — with each new reply from the Legislative Assembly and the prosecutor’s office collusion will be more clearly seen.

And Nikolay Yanov decided to leave the post himself. (Still, care on personal initiative allows you to save the reputation, in contrast to the deprivation of the mandate). But Yanov is not going to say goodbye to his political career.

Fall to the bottom — and break the surface again

Nikolay Yanov has already voiced his intentions: he, it turns out, decided to work as a “servant of the people” as… a district deputy, in the district council of the Kalininsky district of Chelyabinsk! He wants to solve, so to speak, grassroots problems. He will probably install benches in the courtyards and lanterns as well.

Is it funny? Obvious that for a deputy of the Legislative Assembly such a transition is a descent into two steps, practically “on the bottom”.

The only meaning of such a “downshifting” is to get into the City Duma of Chelyabinsk.

In general, Yanov is not going to sink. According to our sources, he has already been promised assistance in this matter. We interviewed several people from the political elite of Chelyabinsk who were close to the LA with a question about how much, in their opinion, such assistance would cost. According to the respondents, in order to mitigate the situation and receive further support, Nikolay Yanov had to pay at least 10 million rubles. Or, perhaps, to provide some kind of service — say, to provide a rebate for the purchase of real estate (recall that in Russia, Yaanov has a construction business, the “Artel-S” company). However, for Nikolay Yanov, who has accumulated 100 million euros in foreign accounts, this is an insignificant amount.

Who are the likely beneficiaries of this political castling? It is unlikely that we will make a mistake if we declare that this is the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Myakush himself. He has enough resources to provide support for Yanov. And Myakush, we recall, has already demonstrated his patronage to Yanov — after all, the formal reply from the LA could not have been written without the approval of the speaker.

Considering that Semen Mitelman is a very wealthy man, one can hardly be suspected of having a direct corruption relationship with Nikolay Yanov. And how much Myakush received from Yanov for the promised support is a question to which we are unlikely to receive an official answer.

Note that for Vladimir Myakush it has long been a familiar practice to cover both himself and his wards. And here I recall how the Myakush’s jeep rammed the UAZ and literally crushed it into a flat cake, and the case was “stained” so that it is still unknown what happened to the victims of the accident. Myakush in general likes to drive with the wind, but the love of fast driving gets away with him all the time — there is enough administrative resource.

Well and other people see: if the speaker allows himself such things, then he can be approached to solve personal issues. Yanov probably did that.

By the way, in political circles Yanov is called the «purse» of Vladimir Myakush.

How to explain the inaction of the prosecutor’s office?

Another question interests us: what is the role of the regional prosecutor Vitaliy Lopin in this unpleasantly smelling story? There is unwillingness to go to court demanding the deprivation of Yanov’s mandate, the desire to delay the solution of the problem. All this suggests that something from the possible bounty of Nikolay Yanov was overwhelming to the supervisory authority.

Recall, by the way, even when appointing Vitaliy Lopin, we wrote that his Chelyabinsk roots and established connections will make themselves felt. And it is unlikely that we will wait for the active work on the investigation of crimes in which high-ranking officials of the Southern Urals are involved. A recent example is the inspection of the prosecutor’s office, conducted by our investigation of the brother of the governor of Dubrovsky. Check ended with nothing: unsubscribe.

We hope that such an approach to work will be paid attention to at the federal level by making the appropriate conclusions.

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