How to succeed on a first date: a scientific guide

Try to have a symmetrical face. This can be hard to achieve at short notice, so it’s a good idea to have your face sorted before you’re asked out on a date. Having blue eyes also helps.

If you’re a man, consider acquiring a tasteful facial scar, as this has been proven to enhance a male’s attractiveness for short term relationships. (This does not work for females, so hold off.)

Choose your scent carefully, as certain scents are scientifically proven to make you more attractive. Rose oil, fruit scents, vanilla and vetiver are excellent choices. (Individually, that is. Not all together.)

Women, be aware that men are attracted to copulins, a pheromone that females produce during ovulation. If you want to reel him in, try scheduling your date to coincide with ovulation.

Wear something red, as it is the most attractive colour to both men and women. (Having said that, a touch of red is probably more effective than head to toe Santa Claus.)

And when you’re ordering drinks, ensure your date chooses a sweet cocktail, or eats a sweet dessert, as the taste of sugar predisposes people to find others more attractive.

How to behave

Use your body language to signal your availability, fertility, and interest in the other person. Men: stand up straight, square your shoulders and display your hands. Women: keep your hair down and display your wrists. Easy! And you should all should lean in, tilt your head, smile, uncross your limbs, and gaze upwards. But…

Don’t make too much eye contact! Too much eye contact has been shown to make people less persuasive, so look at your date’s mouth instead.

When talking, try to discover things you have in common. According to the similarity attraction hypothesis, sharing things with another person can create a sense of affection.

If you do attempt a kiss, there are some proven guidelines. If you’re kissing a woman, avoid jamming your tongue down her throat; if you’re kissing a man, make it wet with a lot of tongue action.

And finally, if the kiss goes well, science recommends having sex on the first date as it facilitates bonding.

As for the science behind good sex, well, that’s a whole different article.

Kerri is an author, columnist and mother of three. Her latest book is ‘Out There: A Survival Guide for Dating in Midlife’.

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