I’m a Celebrity: Justin Lacko defends ‘body image’ rant following exit

«Look, I can see how I might have come across in a certain way,» Lacko says over the phone from South Africa. «I love Yvie, and I really do support her and understand where she’s coming from. I wholeheartedly applaud her for what she did and what she said.

«The point I was trying to get across is that discrimination can come across both ways, no matter what size you are, whether you’re thin or big… I just hope everyone can understand my point of view. I was speaking on behalf of the opposing side, supporting people who may have an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia and face the same issues from being underweight.»

The ugly debate was an odd blight on Lacko’s otherwise crowd-pleasing stint on the series, which saw him amuse viewers with his ditzy shtick but also earn respect by taking part in a record ten publicly-voted trials.

«I think Australia might’ve liked my good spirits — I gave everything my very best, and I really fought for something that I believe to be bigger than I am,» he says, referring to the charity he supported, the Kids Foundation.

As an ex-Love Island participant, Lacko had admitted he was wary of becoming a «reality TV whore» coming into the Ten series. He says his plans on his return home include organising an exhibition for his artworks, largely portraits of fashion figures and celebrities, with an eye to raising further funds for the Kids Foundation.

Ten, however, may yet have other options for the model, considering he’s among contenders to be the network’s next Bachelor.

«Oh definitely,» he says on whether he’d be up for the gig. «I’m yet to find out whether or not I will be. I have submitted an application, but we will have to see. I’m still single and I’m still looking for somebody, and it might be the next stepping point for me on TV… You never know, I might just become a real reality whore.»

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