Mexican president promises new terminal for capital airport

MEXICO CITY — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says the country’s main airport will get a third terminal.

At an event Sunday he said: “All this space– where there’s the presidential hangar, for example, and also the army base–will be converted into a new terminal in the Benito Juarez airport.”

He also promised to refurbish existing runways and modernize the facility.

Before taking office Dec. 1, Lopez Obrador held a referendum that scrapped a new, partly-built $13 billion airport for the capital.

He said a military base would be turned into an airport and his administration would encourage more use of the airport in the city of Toluca, which lies about 63 kilometres (39 miles) west of Mexico City.

More than 40 million passengers travel through the Benito Juarez airport each year.




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