Muscat fumes at penalty award which changed momentum of game

‘I think that goal and decision helped them maintain a little bit of pressure. To give away the second goal was crucial for us, you give yourself a lot to do and we almost did it, we almost got a second one towards the death with all the attacking,» Muscat said.

But it was the penalty that drew his ire.

«His interpretation was that Corey moved his hand towards the ball. Corey has not moved his hand.

«I spoke to Jared after the game and I asked him about his decision making and his interpretation was that Corey moved his hand towards the ball. If that’s what he saw, that’s why it’s given.»

Muscat did not share that view.

«Corey is only a metre away. Corey hasn’t moved his hand. So what it does do now, any time any ball hits someone in the hand in the box, every team is going to expect a penalty. That gave them a little bit of momentum …

«The fact that normally when you are so close to the ball that’s being played it’s difficult to move your hand in the direction of the ball to stop it, or move it out of the way if it’s going towards your hand.»

Swedish hitman Ola Toivonen missed for the second week in a row and has a leg problem.

«Ola got a knock a few weeks ago and he has not been able to remove the blood around the bone enough to get full range. The blood has calcified around the bone and it’s just a waiting game for it to move and then get his full range.

«He’s not far away but it just seems like an eternity,» Muscat explained.




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