Nutrien CEO has no plans to move to Saskatchewan, but says other executives will

SASKATOON — Nutrien CEO Chuck Magro won’t be moving to Saskatoon but other executives will be.

Magro says the company formed just over a year ago in the merger of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan and Agrium is being run out of hubs in Calgary, Saskatoon and a suburb of Denver.

He told the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce that having one head office for the fertilizer giant would not be efficient.

The Saskatchewan government contends that Nutrien remains bound by a law that requires PotashCorp and any successor company to be headquartered in the province.

Magro says Nutrien’s potash operations are still headquartered entirely in the province, along with various corporate functions including legal, marketing and finance.

He says a third of the company’s vice-presidents live and work in Saskatchewan.

“We place our executives where it makes the most business sense,” he said Thursday in a speech. “Like every other company that is publicly traded and competes globally this can be and will be no exception.”

Magro said he won’t move to Saskatoon himself because he promised his children they can finish high school in Calgary.

Saskatchewan Justice Minister Don Morgan said the province would continue having talks with Nutrien and will watch the company’s next moves in the coming months. (CKOM)




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