Pro podcast desk lets you mix with the best

Still, back in January, there was one glaring omission; the Rodecaster Pro originally mixed down all channels into a stereo track, with the idea that all mixing would be done live, and not in post. That’s fine in theory, but when dealing with audio it’s always great to have a backup plan. Last month Rode released a firmware upgrade to the mixing desk adding multitrack recording.


Multitrack recording was the most requested feature, but the company continues to tweak the Rodecaster with small but noticeable improvements; such as colour coding the microphone buttons to make live adjustments easier, and improvements to navigation on the touchscreen menus.

I mention this because it is so refreshing to see a high-end hardware company continue to improve and develop the software for a device after it has shipped. While we expect software improvements for consumer devices like gaming consoles and smartphones, so often with professional equipment the software that was on your device when it left the factory is the software you’re stuck with, until a new model is released.

Typically going for a bit more than $800, the Rodecaster Pro is probably way out of your price range if you’re looking for a simple solution for an indie podcast, especially once you factor in separate XLR mics. But if you’re looking for a simple mixer to be the centrepiece of a recording studio in a school, university, community radio station or dedicated podcast space, the Rodecaster is a bargain; it is easy enough for almost anyone to operate, sounds fantastic, and should survive years of use.




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