Quebec City men charged in connection with pimping allegations

Police say the men were coercing three young women into sex work.

Montreal Gazette

Three Quebec City men were charged Saturday in connection with pimping allegations.

Mohamed-Lamroui Bouaoukaz, 19, is facing charges he facilitated prostitution, while Dlarele Abellard, 24, was charged with obtaining material benefit from prostitution. The third suspect, a minor, faces charges related to publicizing sexual services.

The three men were arrested Friday in a home on Ste-Anne Blvd. in the Beauport sector of Quebec City.

An investigator with the sexual exploitation unit met with two victims, both in their 20s, and police say they were being coerced into sex work. A third victim, also in her 20s, wasn’t home at the time of the intervention.

The three suspects were inside the Ste-Anne Blvd. home as police interviewed the suspects. They were arrested on the spot, taken to a nearby command centre and interrogated.

Police say the investigation is continuing and more criminal charges could be laid.




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