Snow removal Surrey: Here’s a map of priority routes for snowplows

Driving in Surrey? Here’s a map of the city’s priority routes for snowplows.

Trying to get around Surrey in a car but hoping to avoid the snow? Here’s where to go. A City of Surrey snow plow clears a South Surrey street in this 2010 file photo. Les Bazso / PNG

Trying to get around Surrey in a car but hoping to avoid the snow? Here are the city of Surrey’s prioritized snow removal routes.

The city of Surrey has roads divided into three categories:

Priority 1: These roads are the first to be plowed and include high volume arterial roads, major collector roads and steeply graded roads.
Priority 2: These are the second set of roads to be plowed. These include secondary roads in residential areas and access roads to long-term care facilities.
Priority 3: These are the remaining roads that are not categorized as Priority 1 or 2. When it comes time to tackle these roads, city crews will begin systematically with significant roads, hill areas and identified problem locations.

You can see the routes mapped out below.

Priority 1: Pink
Priority 2: Orange
Priority 3: Grey

When’s the snowplow coming? Check the snowplow tracker

If you’re feeling impatient, you can also check Surrey’s online Snow Plow Tracker to see when the trucks will be driving down your street.

For more information on the city of Surrey’s snow clearing protocol and plans, visit their website.

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