Tony McEvoy felt ‘sick in the guts’ when he heard about Weir raid

McEvoy said he was pleased with the action the stewards eventually took to stand down and then disqualify Weir.

«It’s a hard game and I have been building my brand for 10 years and I have just started to see some fruits [for my labour] and to have one of your competitors doing this just makes me sick in the guts,» McEvoy said.

«It’s a hard game. We all work very, very hard and to see all this come out is just gut-wrenching but I can assure everyone that it is isolated …. It is a tremendous game.

«Ninety nine percent of those in the game are clean and trying hard and loving the game in the spirit that it should be loved.»

He commended the racing authorities for the action they took against Weir, who was disqualified from being involved in racing for four years.


McEvoy said the events of the past 10 days had set back the sport but he commended the authorities for their action.

«We have got to work hard to make sure that the integrity of this sport is held very high and get people to be confident to get involved in the game again,» McEvoy said.

McEvoy will train six runners at Caulfield on Saturday with mares I’m A Princess and Bring Me Roses running against the McLean-trained Trap for Fools in race nine.




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