US Senator urges students to unplug from technology

Lincoln, Nebraska: A Republican senator who’s among President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics within the party blamed technology for the country’s divisions during a discussion with University of Nebraska-Lincoln students this week.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse on Capitol Hill.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse on Capitol Hill.Credit:AP

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska spoke to more than 600 students Monday at an event called Why Don’t We Get Along? How Huskers Can Change the Future.

The first-term senator said technology has undermined traditional community structures, and people try to replace them with ideology or «political tribes.» Political parties aren’t adequate replacements for communities, according to Sasse, who has said he regularly considers leaving the GOP and becoming an independent.

«Republicans and Democrats are crappy tribes,» Sasse said during the panel discussion. «These aren’t people who love you and are going to comfort you in your old age. They’re just political parties.»




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