Wargroove review: superb strategy, near limitless potential

Invoking the handheld Advance Wars games of the early 2000s, but layering in a lot of fun new ideas and an insane suite of custom content and online multiplayer options, Wargroove is a complicated game to understand but will reward your persistence with one of the finest turn-based strategy designs around.

At its core the gameplay seems simple; on your turn you move your units around the map, capture villages to increase your wealth, train new units and attack the enemy. But the cutesy pixelated characters and beautifully animated battle scenes hide an incredible amount of depth. For example each unit type is strong and weak against certain others, map elements like forests and mountains confer special bonuses, and injured units are far less effective in battle.

It will be a familiar setup for turn based strategy fans, but Wargroove introduces a lot of its own flavour as well. Your army can contain one of 12 commanders, each of which has a special «groove» ability that can turn the tides of battle. And, importantly, every unit type does massive damage in a different specific condition.

For example a pikeman will do more damage if standing next to another pikeman, or a dragon will do more damage if its target is standing on a road. Taken together, it all means every move needs to be taken with the utmost care and strategy, not only to maximise your attack but to avoid leaving yourself open once your turn ends.

Источник: Theage.com.au

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