Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, February 12

April 20-May 20

Today marks the start of your personal monthly cycle, so revel in your current energy. Colours and textures matter, and will continue to. If anyone knows how to blend without clashing, it’s you. That’s true in your artistic projects as well as your relationships with friends and work mates. You’re especially graceful now, because you’re feeling so centred. This is a great time to surround yourself with comfort and beauty, and take pleasure in watching it spread to others.


May 21-June 21

When inspiration strikes today, pay attention. Carry a pen and paper with you wherever you go, so you can record your strokes of genius. You’ll find your notes are important for your future, even if they seem a little mundane at first glance. Just remember that sometimes the simplest, most obvious idea actually is the best one. And if you work through your thoughts with your friends or coworkers, they may be able to help you brainstorm something truly inspired.


June 22-July 22

You’ve always been naturally well-mannered, and you know instinctively how to make people feel loved — now, perhaps, more than ever. Your warmth and acceptance make your friends feel great, and they want to return the favour. Why not let them? Whether you’re looking for their support or not, you’ve got it. Think about what you want to get done, and make a mental list of the people you want with you as you make it happen.


July 23-August 22

Before you start tossing around orders and harsh judgments, stop and consider — who made you boss? People might soon find this attitude pretty tiresome. If you can’t take a kinder point of view, today is going to be full of conflict. Turn that critical eye away from other people and toward yourself — you know there’s room for improvement. Focus on being a kinder, gentler person, and get some exercise to help burn off some of that steam.


August 23-September 22

If you’re launching a new venture today, don’t worry — it’s sure to succeed. The dominoes are aligned just so, and you took special care as you set them up, with your usual attention to detail. One little push is all it’ll take to set things into gorgeous, stunning motion. Then, you’ll step back and marvel as things seem to fall into place of their own accord. Don’t forget to take a little credit — you made it happen.


September 23-October 22

Routine can be comforting because you know what to expect, even if it’s not exactly what you want. But it’s all too easy for you to get stuck in a relationship or situation that doesn’t serve you, simply because it’s easy and you’re used to it. Try not to depend so much on set patterns. Instead, start thinking now about how to liberate yourself. Claiming your freedom won’t be scary. In fact, it should feel strangely good.


October 23 – November 22

Today, you’re full of interesting and intense energy. You’re actually creating it, with your cultured, magnetic charm. You’re even a little dangerous. It’s important for you to recognise the vibes you’re putting out, because they affect the people around you, especially those you’re closest to — including your friends, your sweetie, or your business partner. Furthermore, if you aren’t careful, your unconscious desires could take over and you’ll end up attracting someone you’ll later wish you’d left alone.


November 23-December 20

Everyone has quirks, but yours may not be quite as charming as you think. Pay attention to others and see how they handle themselves. If you’re heading up a team or getting a project or relationship off the ground, it’s time for an adjustment in your approach. The truth is, you may need to work harder to fit in. This doesn’t have to break your spirit — if anyone can turn it into a fun life lesson, you can.


December 21-January 19

The bottom line has always been important to you. You deal in tangibles — causes and effects as played out in the real world. You know that results are a lot more satisfying than any theory could ever be, and that’s especially true right now. Plus, you’re in the mood to physically enjoy yourself. So turn that practical eye toward something solid, basic, and creative, like a new investment strategy or connecting with your sweetheart.


January 20-February 18

Something or someone is getting under your skin. Maybe your house mate or sweetheart is rubbing you the wrong way, or someone at work who seems bent on annoying you. This irritation may be real, but it’s just as likely that it’s all in your head. Either way, it’s your job to manage it gracefully, because you can’t just bite everyone’s head off. Your focus now should be on kindness and cooperation. If you can fly solo today, even better.


February 19-March 20

You’ve always been perceptive and sensitive to the subtle realm. But today, you’ll have an extra-sensory edge that lets you understand all kinds of things you weren’t aware of even a day ago. Be sure to use this heightened sensitivity. You could help friends or coworkers hash out an issue they’re having, or zero in on someone nearby in need of your help. Whatever happens now, no one can hold you back.

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